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Hold uCHAD and receive uCHAD passive income, so you can be the Chaddest in town

Escape The

Liquidity Pool ?

Remember ChadMoon? That's a thing of the past, the Chadmin modified the formula to guarantee an always-safe liquidity pool.

Burn ?

The non-used Chads are always buyback and burned! Get ready they become scarce!


UltraChad Taxes a 10% on each transaction: • 5% fee = redistributed to all existing holders • 5% fee = used to add liquidity

How To Buy

Download a wallet or use your existing wallet. We recommend either MetaMask orTrust Wallet
Go to the PancakeSwap Exchange to purchase (pancakeswap.finance)
Click on the CONNECT button to connect your wallet with PancakeSwap
Select the $UltraChad token using this link (contract ID ends in '29cf')
Adjust your slippage to a minimum of 12%, by clicking on the SETTINGS icon in the upper right corner
Swap for $UltraChad! If the transaction fails, try increasing slippage & be sure you're using V2.


Q4 2021
  • uCHAD Launch
  • Listing on Coingecko and Coinmarketcap
  • More Than 3000 holders
  • Launch of the CHADs DAO
  • Marketing Campaign
  • DEV AMA's / Interaction with multiple communities
  • Launch of the CHADS DAO voting
Q1 2022
  • Chad Buybacks / Burns
  • Possible listings on Multiple CEX
  • Getting verified on multiple social media
  • Bored Chad Yacht Club
  • Chads Merchandise
  • Launch of zkCHAD (zkSYNC)
  • Crosschain Ultrachad Incorporation (SOL, AVAX, FTM, ETH)
Soon (TBD)
  • Launch of the Chads of Rage Videogame
  • Physical Chads Conference
  • Confidential Chad Stuff

UltraChad Devs


Chad Dev


Web Dev

02 About UltraChad

UltraChad is a fair launched community Token

03 Our Community

Be UltraChad With Community

Welcome to uCHAD, or UltraCHAD, a more modern, updated and BSC adapted version of the Chadev Vision.

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